When is the pea thrown into the freezer? When is the barbunia put in the freezer? Which vegetables are put in the freezer in which month? Which vegetables in winter should lift them to the freezer? Which fruits in summer should be transferred to the freezer? Let’s find answers to these questions!
In fact, the answer to all these questions is hidden in the seasons. It is smart to prepare them for the freezer which products are harvested in which month.
Harvest of vegetables and fruits is usually performed for 2 months in the most intense way. Of course, the times may vary. And even the harvest times can be moved forward or back with a varying climate.
In the early days of the harvest, we begin to see vegetables and fruits gradually. In the early days, the prices are high and the crop is small. Over time, the crop becomes abundant and reaches the highest efficiency, delicious.
This is the harbinger of the ideal time to freeze or even dry fresh vegetables and fruits. In this period, in the exact season of the crop, prices will be much more budget friendly than previous and later periods.
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When is the artichoke and asparagus thrown into the freezer? The times of this gourmet duo to enter the freezer coincide with the same period. The most ideal freezing times for the double of the Aegean kitchens, which are also harbinger of spring, are April and May. During this period, the duo can also be prepared for canned construction.

When is the pea thrown into the freezer? In which month is the leaf peas put into the freezer? The season of peas is relatively long. It takes its place in the stalls as of May. However, the peas becomes abundant towards the summer and it is time to enter the freezer. July and August are the ideal times to prepare peas for the freezer.
Leaf peas is a species that has been harvested before the grain peas. The season is also a little shorter than grain peas.
These unseen peas, also known as Sultani Pea, are removed to the freezer during May and June.

When is the barbunia thrown into the freezer? Like a pea, barbunia is one of the most delicious tastes in summer. The season starts a little later than peas and extends to autumn. The ideal times to prepare the barbunia for the freezer is the end of the summer, in August.

When is the fresh beans thrown into the freezer? The beans are one of the vegetables in the middle of the summer. It can be prepared for the freezer during July and August. Bean pickles are harvested slightly later. The ideal times for pickled bean can be considered as September September.

When is the strawberry thrown into the freezer? Strawberry is one of the fruits that sweeten our mouths throughout the summer. As of May, the most ideal times for throwing the strawberry on the stalls in plenty of stalls are in the end of May in the end of May.

When is the black grape put in the freezer? Black grape harvest starts after the summer ends completely. Essentially, it is ideally ready for the freezer in September.
However, the most ideal time for black grapes with changing climates and floating seasons can be considered as October for the time being.
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