Koruk water is an alternative component to lemon and vinegar prepared from raw grapes during the season.
In the production of Koruk juice, it is not yet fully mature, highly sour, green and unprofitable grape bridges are used.
In European countries such as France, Spain and Italy, where grape cultivation is common, the recipes prepared with cork and corksuyu are common.
The first option that comes to mind to evaluate the grove juice is to add it to salads. However, there are many other headlight alternative methods to use delicious and valuable brown juice.
Lemon and vinegar alternative dishes to give the sharpness of food to the food and to add sourness is common.8
The use of this special water dates back to ancient times. It is known that it is used in chicken dishes, soups and even desserts in the prescriptions of old and master chefs.
However, the widespread use of lemon in kitchens has led to a certain amount of prudence in the past centuries.
In the last time, the grove is a popular acid that sees the value it deserves as before.
https://egepazarindan.com/magla-kebap-corbasi-tarifi-bril- Chicken, mushroom and fish dishes prepared for creamy sauces are very good.
It can be consumed as juice. However, since it is very sour, the sugar content such as pear, apple or peach can be preferred with higher fruits.

Koruk water recipe is easy and effortless to prepare the grove juice. Green grapes that have not yet been tired are collected, washed well and squeezed with a juice squeezing a juice. The seeds and shells are filtered with the help of a colorless cheesecloth.
Slow Juicer machines or manual boredoms may also be preferred.

How is Koruk water stored? Is it put in the ice cream? The grove waters are bottled by glass bottles and stored in the refrigerator.
It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 months. If it is used only in salads, salt and olive oil can be added into the water.
Salt will serve as a natural protective task for your grove water and prolong the storage life.
Storing in the freezer. In the deep freezer, the storage time of the water will be up to 1 year. It will be practical to use ice molds.
It is also possible to prepare Koruk juice sherbet by adding sugar to the grove juice. One night, the sherbet rested in the refrigerator sits and is ready for consumption the next day.
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