Sherbetic grass oil; It is among the valuable aromatic oils. This oil; The Latin name is obtained from the female flowers and cones of the Humulus lupulus sherbetchiotine plant.
It has a slightly sharp odor when used aromatically alone. However, in therapeutic mixtures, it is very pleasant with the right odors from odor blends, aromatic.
Woody, flower, citrus, spices and herbs are in harmony with a wide variety of fragrances.
Its scent smells fresh and dessert with its slightly sharp (bitter), soil, herbaceous aroma.
Sherbetçi herb essential oil has calming effects. It is thought that it can potentially help anxiety, stress and insomnia.
Sherbetççi oil benefits and uses soothing, calming effect
Distraction of anxiety
Stress and Stress Following Negative Effects
Breast enlargement
Insomnia, chronic insomnia
Skin Bruises and Brears
Menstrual Complaints
It can also be used in 0.2 %in natural deodorant formulas due to its anti -bacterial effect.
Sherbetçi grass oil basic components A-Cariophillen

Sherbetçi grass oil breast enlargement: How to use it? [Button Link = “ -lupulus/ obtained.
This means that the oil contains phytoestrogens, the plant version of estrogen. More specifically, phytoöstrogen contained in the sherbetchiine is known as 8-polnilnaringenin.
This phytoestrogen in sherbetic grass promotes prolactin that increases estrogenic reactions in the body.
In addition to the health benefits listed above, these reactions can promote healthy breast and tissue growth in women.
For this purpose, the oil is applied externally by massaging the breasts.

What are the plants that enlarge breast? Apart from sherbet, some plants are used to provide natural breast growth. At the beginning of these plants is the wild yam root and dwarf palm (saw palmetto) plant, which we are not familiar with.
However, plants containing phytoestrogen and can affect the growth of the chest are not limited to these. Hayıt seeds, fennel, fenugreek seeds and don quai, cava and black snake grass are some of these plants. Most of these plants are hormonally active.
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