Harvest full moon is not directly associated with a certain month, such as other full moon.
What is the harvest full moon? It is related to the timing of the autumn equinox and the closest to the equinox is called the “harvest month” or the harvest full moon.
The harvest can take place in September or October.
It is more frequent to take place in September, and in this way it replaces the Egyptian Full Moon.
However, sometimes it descends in October and replaces Hunter’s Moon with a full moon.
https://egepazarindan.com/369-ritueli-Nedir-3-6-9-melu-le During this period, the birth of the moon during a few evenings comes immediately after the sunset.
This birth means abundant bright moonlight, which is a traditional help for farmers who harvest summer crops in the early hours of the evening.
For this reason, this month is called “harvest full moon ..
Each year has an average of 12 -13 full moon cycles. However, the harvest is not like other months: usually arises from an average of 50 minutes after the moon sunset throughout the year. The harvest full moon appears almost when the day sets.

Harvest full moon ritual represents new beginnings, new decisions and new intentions for most of us.
In addition, it is an ideal time to remove what should not be in our lives anymore.
Full Moon Ritual Full Moon evening before the two separate paper pieces of paper pieces.
Make a note of everything you don’t want in your life anymore.
On the other paper, note what you want to bring to your life.
Torn the list you write everything you don’t want in your life on the evening of the full moon and throw it in the trash and take it out of the household.
Place the list you write in a place that sees the bear. For example, on the edge of a window or on your desk on the balcony. Let everything you want, you will be full of the energy of the moon!
Then take a warm shower or bath using lavender, natural salts and moon juice.
You can use lavender oil or a handful of lavender flowers for the shower.
You can use sea salt, unprocessed rock salt or pink himalaya salt as natural salt.
If you have prepared the moon water on the previous full moon, you can include it.
https://egepazarindan.com/ay-suyu-yapimi-ay-suyu-ritueli/ a few white candles around the bathroom and a little sage of before. Open a light music.
[Button link = “https://egepazarindan.com/adacayi-tutsu/ Feel the water to take what you don’t want. Imagine that sea salt neutralizes them.
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