According to the blood group, the form of nutrition was first introduced in 1996 and has been popular in recent years.
According to this diet, people are more healthy and longer lasting if they feed on their own blood groups. Moreover, with this order, it is possible for people to reach the most ideal weight.
The scope of this diet is quite wide and there is a list of appropriate foods, spices or even exercises to be eaten according to your blood group.
According to this nutritional order, which blood group should be fed basically?
Nutrition A Blood Group Diet
People with group A blood; Fruits, vegetables, seafood, turkey and whole grain foods should consume frequently. But it should avoid red meat.
Seafood, vegetables, pineapple, olive oil are best for them to lose weight.
Milk, wheat, corn and beans should stay away from those in a blood group.
Nutrition according to B Kan Group
Those with group B should include plenty of red meat, fruits, seafood and cereals on the diet. Nutrition should be various and rich.
To lose weight, B blood groups, green vegetables, eggs, liver should be consumed plenty. Licorice root tea is particularly recommended to this group.
However, those in this group should stay away from chicken, corn, peanuts and wheat.
Nutrition by EU blood group
People with EU group blood should eat milk, soy products, lamb meat, fish, whole grain, fruit and vegetables.
Seafood, green vegetables are best for weight loss.
However, chicken, corn, buckwheat and barbun beans are on their forbidden list.
0 Nutrition by blood group
Finally, people with that group blood should choose high -protein foods and consume plenty of meat. Plenty of vegetables, fish and fruit are good for them.
However, it should limit cereals, beans and legumes.
To lose weight, seafood, red meat, broccoli, spinach and olive oil are best for them.
Wheat, corn and dairy products are among those who are not recommended.
Nutrition by blood group is of course not limited to these foods. Even the food supplements and the exercises that need to be used are determined in detail.
For example, according to this dietary form, people with blood group 0 should focus on high -paced aerobic exercises.
They should usually reinforce reinforcement for sensitive stomachs because they complain about stomach sensitivity.
A blood group should be directed to slightly -paced exercise, unlike them. And it should include meditation in life routines.
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