How to Make Centaury Oil? The answer to the question is in this article!
Centaury oil, maseration method prepared by the healing of the world is a known oil.
Centaury oil is usually prepared from fresh centaury flowers in the season.
It is possible to prepare the oil with dry flowers, but the oil to be obtained will not be exactly red. This will make the oil less precious.
Centaury flowers are usually not grown as agricultural. It grows and collects spontaneously in nature. The Aegean is common in the Mediterranean regions.
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How to Make Centaury Oil? Flowers are collected from nature and start work. The collected flowers are laid on a large tray and kept in the sun for a day. This process allows the flowers to be healed and cleaned.
Flowers collected from nature do not need to be washed.
The next day, a wide glass jar is tightly pressed into a large glass jar.
The jar must be glass.
It can also be put in a jar from the stems of the flowers. However, the most extreme, thick parts should be detached and discarded.
In other words, yellow flowers in the jar should be abundant and green stalks should be a little.
2 fingers should be left from the mouth of the jar.
After the flowers are pressed tightly into the jar, it is time to add cold squeezed olive oil on them.
Cheap, poor quality olive oil should not be preferred. Another type of vegetable oil, such as sunflower oil, should not be preferred.
One of the most important secrets of quality centaury oil is the preparation of quality olive oil.
The olive oil added should be on top of all flowers. No part of the flowers should be out of oil.
If all the flowers are not under the oil, mold can be seen.
How many days is the weighing oil? Olive oil and weighing flowers are placed in a place that receives directly sun. The jar of the jar should remain open for 4-5 days. Fly can be covered with a cheesecloth in the mouth to prevent the weighing oil from entering insects.
After 4-5 days, the main long-term rest period begins. This period is 40 days. The jar’s lid is closed for 40 days and is positioned in a direct place with the sun.
After these 40 days, you will have a crimson, tasparlak centaury oil. This oil, which shows its healing with its color, smell, is filtered and bottled.
It should no longer see more sun. It should be kept closed in a cool, dark place.

How to use weighing oil? St. John’s Wort oil; It is like a pharmaceutical store alone. It is one of the things that must be in every house. It can be used in light burns, wounds, acne and sunspots, bed wounds, burns, surgery marks, rash.
Direct application can be applied to the problem area. It is recommended to use after diluting with olive oil on the baby skin. It should not be climbed directly to the sun after being applied.
When is the weighing flower collected?
Fresh centaury flower can be collected during June June. [Button Link = “ This will vary according to the purpose of use. It can be effective even on the same day in simple burns and wounds. The sooner the use of burns and scars is started, the higher the effect.
How to Make Centaury Oil? Dry centaury oil making can be prepared to prepare oil so that all process steps remain the same with dry flowers. The only difference is that the oil to be obtained will not be bright red.
Where to sell weighing oil? We prepared with a thousand labor in the season; You can reach our weighing oils on our website. You can order.
Our oils are carefully prepared in fresh flowers and cold -squeezed olive oil and glass jars. 50 ml and 100 ml of bottles are sent.
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