Chestnut inner rice recipe is a showy recipe that suits crowded family tables and arbitrary dinner.
Our chestnut interior rice recipe, which appeals to both the eye and the palates, is waiting for you in this article!
By the time of the chestnut, let’s rise the arms!
Let’s start by cooking our chestnut recipe with chestnuts. Because chestnuts are too hard to cook simultaneously in rice and are cooked a little hard. For this process, let’s cut our chestnuts in X -shaped, so that for our chestnuts, it is cooked in a shorter time and better. The possibility of explosion is eliminated.
Tips of chestnut rice
Grill or oven may be preferred for cooking. Boiling may also be a choice. However, since the chestnuts will be more soft when boiled, boiling for this recipe is not an ideal cooking method.
For 2 cups of rice, 2 cups of extracted chestnuts will be enough.
When chestnuts are ready, we can go to prepare our inner rice.
2 cups, let’s wash our rice beautifully, water.
At that time, let’s chop 1 medium onion finely.
3 tablespoons of butter and a little olive oil with our onions in the pot and open our stove over medium heat.
When the onions are pink, let’s put 2 cups of chestnuts and half a cup of peanuts in the pot.
When the peanuts begin to change color, let’s add our rice without letting them burn.
At this stage, pilafa can be added to half a cup of almonds.
Let’s not forget to mix the ingredients in a pot.
After roasting our rice beautifully, the remaining ingredients, ie half a cup of cup grapes, spices (mint/black pepper/salt) and 3.5 cups of warm drinking water and shorten the stove.
If you prefer a sweeter rice, you can include 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar in your rice mortar at this point. Considering that currant will add a certain amount of rice sweetness, do not overdo sugar.
Let’s not forget to close the lid of the pot.
It will take a short time to cook your rice, let’s check it from time to time without opening the lid. When it completely draws its juice, let’s close the stove and take the inner rice to rest.
It helps brewing a thin clean cloth or paper towel on the saucepan during resting.
After a little rest, let’s serve hot. Enjoy your meal.
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