Cattle tail grass is a wild plant used for the treatment of many infection -based disorders in traditional medicine.
Dry cough, ear inflammation, hemorrhoids, rheumatism, baldness, such as a very various discomfort is seen as a panacea.
Where does the cattle tail grass grow? Mullein; The Aegean is a kind of plant that grows intensely in the Mediterranean geography, can grow up to two meters in length, and drought -resistant, yellow colored flowers.
The time when the plant blooms corresponds to the hottest days of the year.

Cattle tea is consumed as tea by brewing widely brewing. However, it is thought to have various side effects when excessive or uncontrolled.
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How is the taste of cattle tea? The plant has no intense aroma, it is refreshing.
It is usually consumed by sweetening with honey. Together with mint, he gets a very nice aroma.
Attention! Every day, such as black tea, this tea is not recommended because of possible side effects.

Is the beef of a blood thinner? It contains a substance called gambling in it, which has a blood -thinning effect.

Is the cattle tail plant antiviral? Yes, it has antiviral feature. The plant is also known to be expectorant and preventive cough.
There are scientific articles proving that it is effective against influenza.
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What are the benefits of cattle grass? Both leaves, roots and flowers of the plant have been used in a wide variety of ways in the treatment of human and animal in the past centuries.
Cough, constipation, inflammation, head and body pain complaints are the most common purposes.
The plant has been a preferred plant for sleep problems in traditional medicine.

Does Cattle Tail Her Hair Remove Hair? One of the areas of use of the plant is to ensure that new hair follicles come out in the heads of the head.
For hair removing effect, the flower and branch parts of the plant are boiled and water is used.
The cattle tail is completely cooled and mixed with homemade vinegar. This mixture is massaged and applied to the bottom of the hair. After the procedure, the hair is wrapped with a cheesecloth. If possible, it is kept in this way for 8 hours and then rinsed with warm water.

Cattle tail weed hemorrhoid plant can be used externally in hemorrhoid complaints.
If the cattle tail is to be used for hemorrhoids, it is usually kept in olive oil before the plant and thus the healing of the yellow flowers is provided to pass to oil.
Cattle oil is applied externally to the hemorrhoids.
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