“My pickle was very salty, what can I do?” If you say, this article is for you!
Your pickle, which you missed too much salt, has not been garbage, there are a wide range of ways to save it and serve it on your tables with taste.
In this article, we will talk about these kinds of methods!

“My pickle has been very salty, what can I do? The first thing that comes to mind is to pour the water of pickle and prepare a new water. This method is practical, but the risk of losing the flavor of pickles. If this method is to be applied, only a portion of the pickle should be poured, and new water should be replaced.
If you have just installed the pickle, you can add some new vegetables and new water to them by taking some of the vegetables and water into another jar. Besides, you’ll have a pickle, not one but two jars 🙂
Another method is to throw an apple without medication into the pickle. Apple will accumulate excess salt in water within its own structure.
If you are drying your pickle with lemon salt, adding some more lemon salt is also the sour-tuz ratio of pickle is balancing. However, although the pickles established with lemon salt are long -lasting, it remains in the classroom in terms of health and flavor.
https://egepazarindan.com/tursu-balkonda-saklanir-mi-buzlukta-saklanir-mi/ “Pickle was very salty, what can I do?” What to do if the cabbage pickle is salty? If your pickle is a cabbage pickle or if it is a mixed pickle with cabbage, adding additional cabbage can also be a method to recover your pickle that escaped the salt too much.
Open the jar, take some vegetables from the top and add cabbage instead. In this method, you do not need to change the water of pickle, so that your pickle will not lose flavor.
It is a commonly used method to pull the potatoes into the pickles and so on. Potato is used in peeled form, usually divided into two or four to add to the jar. One week after it is put into it, you can rest your potato from the jar and let your pickle a little more.

Finally, the most practical and simple method! Do not do anything if you noticed that your pickle has escaped too much during the construction phase. Thus, you will have pickles that are not likely to melt.
When it is completely ready, pass the pickle as much as you can eat just before you bring it to the table, and let the excess salt go.
Do not apply rubbing or washing, causing this loss of flavor, keep your pickles in water for a short time, drain and serve.
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