How to Use Root Coat? Havlican is a plant as useful as ginger from ginger family. This plant is also known as Küçük Galana.
Havlican can be used as a spice just like ginger and turmeric. Tea can be brewed. It is possible to use this plant in fresh or dry powder form.
[Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] What are the benefits of the bark? Coat is diuretic.
Cold, support for the cold. It allows the disease to pass much faster and more light.
It gives energy to the body, increases sexual power.
It is very effective against bad breath.
It is a savior from painful gas pain.

How to Use Root Coat? The root is usually used as tea by boiling. Root hail tea should be prepared and consumed on a daily basis.

Root hail tea recipe is boiled and drained with clean water for 10 minutes. Hot hot consumed. The consumption of Havlıcan tea remaining in the next day is not recommended.

Ginger turmeric pile mixture is the plants of the same family of ginger turmeric and hambling, and when used together, the healing increases. Cinnamon can also be added to this triple.

The benefits of the mixture of ginger turmeric piles are used especially against gastrointestinal complaints. Indigestion, unwanted gas pains.
It helps to lose weight, throws edema.
Ginger, turmeric, hail, cinnamon can be used by mixing with milk. This mixture is especially receiving muscle pain.
Attention! However, the consumption of the halting plant should not be excessive. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea may occur in excessive consumption.
The amount of daily use is ideal as 1 teaspoon of powdered state.

Root hail ginger Ihlamur tea is very effective with linden, ginger and having in cases of colds and colds. This mixture; It softens the throat, opens the breath, is expectorant and cuts dry cough.
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Havlican for spring fever
Havlican, ginger, linden mixture is also effective for spring fever.
Is it good for hawk sugar?
The root of the hawk is an effective and specialized plant, especially in protection against Type-2 diabetes.
Benefits of Havlican Paste
Hail mixture
It can also be prepared as a paste by mixing with hail honey. This paste is seen as an effective solution against bad breath and the problem of lower wetting in children.
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