Tereture is a appetizer of Adana cuisine.
The basic materials are lettuce, tahini and yogurt. In addition, various other materials are used in the construction of the appetizer.
Usually the greenery and sauce of the appetizer are prepared separately and then brought together.
Terreture or Terrettur Tahini lettuce salad, tarantor curly salad and lettuce tarator is also known. In Adana, it is usually served alongside meat and chicken dishes.
In some regions, it is known that it is prepared only with tahini without straining yogurt. In this way, the appetizer regains a more intense and heavy taste.
TERrettur appetizer tricks
Tahini lettuce salad is one of the most important points when preparing the appetizer, lettuce and in addition to the parsley and dill is very finely chopped.
In addition, the water of the chopped lettuce, parsley and dill must be squeezed well. Otherwise, the appetizer will be watered and tasteless.

How to make Terrettur appetizer? Let’s come to the detailed recipe of our appetizer. Terreture is a recipe that can be easily prepared if it is paid to the tricks, although it is a recipe that stalls a little hand.
The materials that will use according to the traditional tariff are as follows:
1 medium -sized lettuce
Half bunch of parsley -connected to your own-
Half a bunch of dill -dependent on it-
3/4 cups tahini
Half a cup of strained yogurt
Half a glass of warm water
3-4 cloves of garlic
1 lemon
Sumac -dependent-
Chili pepper -depending on it-
Very few olive oil
Preparation of Terreture lettuce tarator recipe
Let’s clean the lettuce, dill and parsley and remove it and chop it.
By rubbing with salt, let’s remove the juice of the greens.
Then let’s start preparing the sauce of our appetizer in another bowl.
Let’s bring together tahini, garlic, yogurt and lemon juice. Our appetizer should be slightly fluid. For this, let’s add water gradually and try to capture the ideal consistency.
Tahini oil will probably be sufficient for appetizer, if your tahini is low, you can add some olive oil.
Finally, let’s add the Sosa Sumağı, Red Pepper and Salt and blend it beautifully.
Let’s bring the sauce and the greenery we have prepared in a deep container and get ready for service.
Walnut, sliced ​​olives, mint or parsley can be used to decorate the appetizer.
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