Yogurt juice cure is a cure made of yogurt with no processed natural water.
To support slimming, to throw toxin from the body, to get rid of fatigue and stress, to balance blood sugar.
How to make yogurt juice? How to float? This is quite easy and practical. Clean cotton cloths or pouches are used to separate the yogurt water from yogurt.
Yogurt is put into the pouch and hanged somewhere, a bowl is put under it. The water of the yogurt will slowly accumulate in this bowl. In the pouch, a dense consistency, delicious and hard pouch will remain.

What are the benefits of yogurt juice? It contains high calcium, vitamin B and protein.
It accelerates fat burning and provides a long -term feeling of satiety.
Accelerates metabolism.
It has a relaxing effect. It makes it easier to fall asleep.
Balances blood sugar.
Prevents constipation.
Supports kidney health.
What are the benefits of yogurt juice to the skin?

Yogurt juice can also be used externally on the skin. It cleans skin blemishes and has equalizing the skin tone.

When to drink yogurt juice? Yogurt juice hungry or full drink? Usually with meals, accompanying can be consumed as half a cup of tea.
When drinking with food, the effect of satiety can be higher.

Drinking yogurt juice before going to bed
If it is desired to benefit from the relieving and facilitating effect of yogurt’s water to sleep, it is usually consumed for half a cup of tea about 1 hour before bedtime.
Does yogurt weaken water? This natural and unadulterated water has metabolism accelerating effect. It provides a long -term feeling of satiety and helps to balance blood sugar. It helps to lose weight with these properties.

Yogurt juice cure yogurt juice can be consumed for 7 to 10 days and can be used as cure. Generally, cure application is used to support weakening and toxin.
1 tea glass of natural home yogurt water is consumed regularly with a meal.
In addition to cure application, this water can be drunk from time to time.

Is yogurt juice given to babies? Yogurt juice is given gradually to support the health of the baby’s tooth and bone health. This water is usually given to infants after yogurt, but with yogurt together with additional food.
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