How to Eat Golden Strawberry? Does it weaken? Golden Strawberry is a useful fruit that can be consumed as fresh and dried at other times during the short season.
The main homeland of this fruit is South and Central America. However, the fruit can easily stab harm to various climates in our country and are cultivated.
So much so that the golden strawberries are possible to grow even on the balcony.
The name of the fruit, also known as the casserole, is Physalis.
In our country, the awareness and consumption of those who want to lose weight increasing day by day are also popular in the diet lists.
This fruit, which resembles grapes with its appearance, has thin leaves that can be consumed by brewing tea.
It is used in the cosmetics and medicine industry obtained from this fruit.
The golden strawberry has a slightly sour aroma even if it is fully matured when it is fresh. Drying of fruits is darkening of flavor and color. And the dried consumption of these fruits is much more enjoyable. What are the benefits of golden strawberries? [Button Link = “ is quite low. In contrast, it is highly nutrition with a wide range of minerals and vitamins.
The average calorie for 100 grams of golden strawberries is 53 kcal.
The same portion contains 1.9 grams of protein.
Vitamins A and C at a high level contained are also remarkable.
Golden strawberries that do not contain almost no oil can be listed as follows:
It has diuretic effect.
It helps to purify the toxins accumulated in the body.
It activates the stagnant intestines with its high fiber.
Supports the immune system.
It has an anti -inflammatory properties.
Balances cholesterol.
Supports eye health with carotene containing.
It provides a positive effect on hair and skin health with vitamins A, B, C and E in it.

Does the golden strawberry weaken? It can be said that those who are added to healthy meals will support weight loss by accelerating metabolism.

How to Eat Golden Strawberry? You can consume the fruits fresh or after drying.
You can use fresh fruits to decorate dessert recipes. You can squeeze the juice. Or you can consume it directly.
Dried fruits are sweeter than fresh ones. In this way, they are more enjoyable to consume. The 6-7 strawberries that you consume on a daily basis are an ideal ratio.
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What are the damages? The fruit has a blood thinning effect. With this feature, high consumption of people with low blood pressure is not recommended.
Consumption of blood pressure -lowering drugs is not recommended.
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