What is the healthiest frying oil? If the question is tampering with your mind, this article is for you!
It is very useful for many fat -based fat health. However, the exposure of these “very healthy” oils to heat, and even the use of very high temperatures by fries can reverse this situation!
What is the ideal oil for frying? What is the healthiest frying oil? The point to be considered in this regard is the changing combustion or smoke temperature of the oils.
While some vegetable oils can tolerate temperature to certain temperatures, others include rapidly burning even at relatively moderate temperatures and becoming carcinogenic by losing all nutritional value.
The degree of smoke of an oil can be considered as a temperature of temperature in which it starts to deteriorate.
From this point on, fat begins to oxidize and release free radicals, which means that the danger bells are starting to steal for our health!
Burning oils can potentially lead to disease development and may cause cellular damage.
In addition, the oil, which reaches the combustion point, secretes a substance called acrolein that causes an unpleasant burning taste. The inhalation of this substance is also unhealthy for our lungs.

Olive oil or sunflower oil for frying? Regardless of the fat, the fries of oils to very high temperatures is clearly unhealthy. If we are going to get a getaway occasionally, it would be the smartest to choose the right option.
Olive oil
The degree of smoke of olive oil is accepted as 175 degrees on average.
Olive oil is one of the most ideal oils for cooking juicy dishes and pastries.
The burning point, which cannot be considered low, puts it among the usable oils for frying.
Coconut oil
Coconut oil starts to burn at temperatures similar to olive oil (175 degrees and above).
Oils that can be used as frying oil include coconut oil.
However, the fact that it contains saturated oils makes it a weak opponent in the face of olive oil.
Sesame oil
One of the most ideal oils list for frying is the sesame oil with a high -combustion degree of 210 degrees.
Sesame oil is also one of the fats that support heart health. It contains two unique antioxidants, Sesamol and Sesaminolde.
The aroma of the walnut when heated is not uncomfortable. However, it should be remembered that exposure to heat will make changes to the taste of sesame oil.
Of course, the most ideal form of consuming this very valuable oil will be without exposing it to heat.
Aspirin oil
Recently, another oil is another oil aspiric oil that can be used for frying purposes.
The smoke point of aspir oil is considered 265 degrees.
Saturated fat content is low and contains high unsaturated fatty acids.
With its non -dominant taste, it can be counted among the ideal oils for frying and baking on barbecue or barbecue.
Avocado oil
The burning point of avocado oil is quite above its competitors. This herbal -based oil tends to burn at 270 degrees or more.
This very high combustion value brings it to the top of the list of the most ideal frying oils.
Avocado oil has a neutral taste and smell. And similar to olive oil. It also has a nutritional value similar to olive oil and contains oleic acid that supports high rates of heart health.
However, the fact that avocado oil is not widespread in our country and is sold at much higher prices than many other oils is its negative side.
What are the oils that we should never heat and use in hot dishes?

Which oils are not cooked? Which oils are heat resistant? Fish oil,
Walnut oil,
Flax seed oil,
Palm oil can be heated in any way.
These oils are suitable for cold use in salads and appetizers. It is often recommended to be taken into the body at low doses.
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