It is a great method to prepare apple dryness, to keep the apple and to consume. The preparation process is easy, it is easier to store.
You can store thoroughly dried apple dryness for a long time.
Apple dryness can be prepared for all kinds of fresh apples.
The best way to dry the apples when the summer sun is, of course, is to dry the sun. Thus, all the healing of the sun accumulates in apples.
But in the moist, rainy months, drying in the sun is not possible. During the drying stage, apples can be molded by moisturizing. In this case, the most ideal method is to make dryer in the dryer or at the lowest temperature.
[Button Link = “ ? Several different methods can be applied for this job. Each method is quite simple and practical.
The first method is washed beautifully and the ring is cut into a medium -thickness. If you wish, you can divide the rings once in half. This cutting process will shorten the drying time.
Place the apples you cut on a baking tray or a large sine. It is not important that apples touch each other. Because the apples will shrink soon and will move away from each other.
After the sequencing process, it was time to add flavor to the flavor of the apples!
Let’s plant a pinch of cinnamon on our apples. Those who do not like cinnamon, powder ginger may also prefer.
If your apples are quite sour or if you want to get a sweeter flavor, you can add very small amounts of powdered sugar on the apples.
Our job is almost over!
We will put our apples in a direct sun. Unlike drying such as leaves, seeds, apple is one of the things that need to be dried directly in the sun.
Don’t forget to close it with a thin cheesecloth on the apples! Otherwise, an ant invasion would be inevitable!
Your apples will be ready in 4-5 days. Don’t forget to reverse every day, both sides of the apples should dry well.
In the second method, the first method shows similarities. However, in this method, the apples are arranged on a rope with the help of a needle instead of being arranged on the tray and dried by hanging directly in a place that takes the sun.

How is the apple dry? When your apples are completely dry, they will be crispy. You can store them in a glass jar, on a cool shelf or in the drawer.

What to do with apple dryness? We dried the apples, how can we evaluate these dried apples?
Dried apples can be consumed as a healthy snack without the need for an extra processing.
The benefits of apple dryness are many: it is balancing blood sugar. Sudden suppressing sugar reduces the desire and hunger.
In addition, with dried apples, compote can be prepared and apple -dry dessert can be made.
BTKI tea can be brewed alone or with other plants. It is a good alternative to balance the flavor of herbal teas, such as green tea, which you taste especially taste.
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