Hygge lykke lagom
What is Hygge? Hygge is a word that finds its place in Danish and Norwegian languages. This word has also found its place in other languages ​​that will be stereotyped.
It would be unfair to say just a word for Hygge. Hygge is rather a concept, a way of life.
There is no word that meets Hygee in Turkish.
Peace, happiness, comfort, sincerity, temperature, such as situations express. It is possible to make these situations a way of life by trying to spread them to a whole life.
Hygee, the concept can be used even for places. In Northern Europe, there are Hygee cafes and restaurants.

Hygee environments are dominated by the feeling of peace and unity in such environments. The environment is supported with candles, pleasant snacks, ideal temperature, Hygee music.
It is met with loved people, sincere conversations are met.

What is Lykke? Lykke can be translated roughly as a word meaning.
Lykke focuses on pursuit of pleasure and capturing happiness.
According to Lykke philosophy, we need to make small but meaningful changes in our lives to make ourselves happy. These changes can be made by meeting new people with small decorative changes in our house.

Happiness Secrets of Scandinavians: Hygge Lykke Lagom
What does lagom mean? Lagom is a concept that emphasizes a balanced life.
According to this concept, the way to live a balanced life in general is hidden in small details.
Having the right number of items, eating in a balanced way, full decision of private life – trying for professional life supports the lagom.
In the full decision of the water or electricity we use in our house, the importance of being used as much as we need is emphasized with this concept.
According to the lagoma, it is very important to give up accumulating items and to get away from extremes.
While consuming, the fact that we are worried about leaving those who come after us is another situation.

Hygge Lykke Lagom Hygge, Lykke, Lagom, Denmark, spreading to the world and becoming increasingly popular are important and meaningful concepts. It is possible to reach articles and books written in order to better digest these concepts.
Making small changes in our lives by holding these concepts from one end can make us feel better and help us lead a more enjoyable, high awareness.
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