It is a plant of parasite that grows spontaneously in nature, with the name of the ikhut grass, gin hair or other name. Although the plant is known by other names in various geographies and regions, it is most commonly known and used in our Mardin province.
The most prominent feature of the plant is the liver friendly structure. It is known that it is applied as a traditional treatment for jaundice in the region.
[Button Link = “ kuskut/” color = “red” newwindow = “Yes”] button] Latin name: Cuscuta spp.
Ikhut grass, also known as: Küsküt, Kşut Mardin and its surrounding plant is usually used after waiting in water with cold brewing method. The plant, brewed in a container with a warm water for 1 night, is drunk the next day.
The plant is not only specific to our country. The plant, known as Chinese frustration, is a similar plant of the same type as Mardin meal. China Küskütü Chinese Küskütü is mostly preferred for positive effects on sexual health. Libido is used especially by men with its amplifier and sexual power -enhancing effects. It is thought that sperm can improve sperm mobility and sperm quality.
It is popular in the market in reinforced products prepared with Chinese resentment.
What are the benefits of resentful grass? [Button Link = “ kuskut/” color = “red” newwindow = “Yes”] Button] Although the plant is mostly preferred for jaundice and liver health, its benefits and use are not limited to it.
It is also known that the plant has edema shooter, digestive supporting, constipation anti -constipation, diuretic effects.

HOW TO USE KÜSKÜT HEK? It is used in a dried form, which resembles a thin ivy with the image of the ikhut tea. Dry herbal tea can be brewed as tea. Cold brewing can also be preferred for the plant.
1 teaspoon of dry plant for hot brewing can be prepared to coincide with 1 cup. And it can be consumed as warm after filtering. There is no need to boil hot brewing. The water that is not fully reached to the boiling point should be prepared by pouring it on the plant.
The amount of plant used in cold brewing can be increased.
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Küsküt grass parasites? İkşut yes the plant is a full parasite plant. Chlorophyll. And he spends his life on another plant and spends it on it. It provides water and nutritional needs from this plant that wrapped on it. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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