Internal Shower or Inner Shower, Internal organ shower is one of the popular phenomenon recipes of recent times. So how does this recipe be prepared? What does it do? Does it really work? Are there side effects? Does it weaken? Is it harmful?
The answers to all these questions and much more in this article!
This simple description, which is mentioned as the Internal Shower drink, is essentially a simple version of “Agua de Chia, which is a classic Mexican recipe.
The beverage is very low and it is quite simple to prepare.
The inner shower drink prepared by mixing 3 basic 3 materials,
Chia seeds in one state -should not be proved-,
Lemon juice,
It is prepared with drinking water.
A small amount of sea salt can be added to the mixture. How to Make Internal Shower? The recipe is simply as follows:
1 cup of clean water 1 tablespoon chia seeds are added. (There are also those who prepare recipes with 2 tablespoons)
A little fresh lemon juice is squeezed on the seeds. (Not the whole of half a lemon, a little less)
The ingredients are mixed, the mixture is a little gel thanks to chia seeds. Wait for 10 minutes to complete the gelization. And in this way, beverage is consumed.
It is known that the mixture is often drunk on an empty stomach for effective. nedir/ What is this mixture?

What does Internal Shower do? It is believed that the mixture regulates the intestines and reduces constipation complaints.
In this way, it is thought to support weight loss. It is also used especially to alleviate the swelling in the abdomen.
There are also those who use this drink to detoxify the body. It is believed to throw toxin substances from the body.

How often Drinks? It is not recommended that the internal shower drink, which is considered to be an occasional drink, should be consumed in more amounts than a water glass on a daily basis.

Is the inner shower harmful? What are the side effects? For most people, drinking a mixture of “inner shower” occasionally is probably safe. However, for people with gastrointestinal disease, this mixture may not be the right choice.
Therefore, if you have a disease, you should consult your doctor before using such mixtures.
It should also be remembered that Chia seeds are water absorbing properties.
Consumption of large amounts of chia seeds can cause problems in the gastric system system in relation to the gelization of Chia seeds. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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