How to use Baobab powder? What are the benefits? Baobab; It is a very high and glorious tree grown in countries such as Africa, Madagascar and Australia. It is the plant of dry climates.
This tree is also known as the “tree of life ..
Latin Name: Adansonia Digitata
Each part of this fertile tree is used by people.
Leaves, fruits, seeds and even the peel of the tree are processed.
The fruits of the tree dry and mature in their own branch in a period of 6 months. The fruit, which has a fresh appearance in the first place, turns into a very hard -shelled fruit at the end of the time.
This dry fruit can be broken like coconut. However, unlike coconut, Baobab fruit is not juicy. It will be a dough structure that welcomes you.
It is therefore difficult to consume the ripening fruit from this branch. BAOBAB is usually separated from its shell and grinding and powdered and used after that.
These powder is consumed by adding to salads, yogurt, fruit-vegetable waters and smoothies. How is the taste of Baobab dust? The taste is sour, tropical aroma. While most people are not disturbed by this taste, it is a very sour -acı uncomfortable fruit dust for some.

What are the benefits of Baobab dust? Baobab fruits are the fruits that dry spontaneously in the branch. Therefore, an additional drying process after harvest is not needed. This means that the loss of vitamins in fruits is the lowest level.
Fruits contain high levels of vitamin C. The amount of potassium in its content is also quite high. It is even higher than bananas!
In the geographies it grows, it is a preferred fruit dust in time to give strength and energy to the body.
In addition to vitamin C and potassium
Soluble fiber
Prebiotic fiber
Vitamin B6
Contains antioxidants.

Baobab fruit powder balances blood sugar Baobab, rich in soluble fiber. Soluble fibers are energy splashes – preventing collapse and balancing blood sugar.

Supports skin health fruits support the production of collagen on the skin with high vitamin C.
For skin health, the powder obtained from the fruit can be used internally, or Baobab oil obtained from seeds can be external to the skin.

Baobab oil is an excellent care oil for the skin. It moisturizes the skin deeply.
It does not leave a heavy feeling on the skin and its smell is not disturbing.
This fat content stores abundant vitamin E and three valuable rare fat acids. These fatty acids are malvalic, sterculic and dihydrosterculic.
Baobab oil buy
How to use Baobab powder? It is added to lemonade, fruit and vegetable juices.
It is added to smoothies.
In yogurt, milk is added to the sherbet.
Add to oatmeal.
After sports, it is mixed and consumed as an electrolyte drink.
Homemade is added to the mortar of healthy snacks. It is included in bars, pudding. It is very compatible with fruits especially with peach.
Cream tartar can be used instead of cream tartar.
What are Baobab dust damages? Dust obtained from the fruit is considered safe for most people. However, there are dust prepared from the leaves and shell parts of the tree and used for therapeutic purposes. It is not recommended to use these dust especially during pregnancy and lactation. This is because there is not enough work on the possible side effects of shell and leaf powders and that these dusts have a much more intense structure than fruit dust. nasil-kullanililir/ You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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