Sodium Alginate (Sodium Alginate) is an emulsifier used in food production. Although it is widely used for food purposes, it also has non -food uses, which the substance serves as a binding task.
E Code: E401
Formula: C6H7NAO6 Sodium Alginate Before you talk more in detail, let’s clarify what the emulsary is.
What is an emulsifier? Emulsions are usually divided into small droplets such as fat and water and mixed with liquids.
When the fluids used naturally do not mix together, the emulsifiers come into play as an extra participant to ensure that the product is homogeneously mixed. In other words, emulsifiers help to connect the components.
Most emulsifies threaten our health and are considered harmful.
However, there are no safe emulsifiers. Sodium is one of them. It is often widely used in the construction of ice cream, custard, pudding, jelly, sauce and many other products. neden-bu-kadar-zarli/
What is sodium alginate? It is essentially a salt obtained from the cell walls of brown algae.
It is accepted and used.

Is sodium alginate harmful? This substance is among the provocations that are considered safe. Moreover, it is not considered harmful even in high amounts of body – even in the absorption of the body.
However, when used as an emulsifier, the amount required is really little amount. This is often less than a teaspoon.

Scientific studies
According to one of the new dated studies, sodium alginate intake has no significant effect on hematological indicators, plasma biochemistry parameters, urinary analysis parameters, blood sugar and plasma insulin concentrations, breathing hydrogen concentrations.
In the study, no allergic response was reported by any of the participants and no observed.
Is this substance vegan? This substance is mainly a natural polysaccharide obtained from brown algae. And yes, it is naturally completely vegan.

Is sodium alginate halal? Yes, it is an emulsifier with halal content. Pig products are free of alcohol and all other components that are not suitable for Islamic.
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