Laurel seeds are among the seeds that are used for therapeutic use in the history of a wide variety of cultures.
It is known that it is presented as a herbal solution in the treatment of a wide range of diseases from skin problems to rheumatism, constipation, cabinet and Candida mushrooms.
In order to benefit from the benefits of laurel tree seeds, the seeds itself can be used directly, as well as laurel tree seed oil or traditional laurel soaps prepared with this oil can be preferred.
[Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] Laurel seed oil [/button] laurel tree has quite large size seeds. The seeds are black, in dry form hard texture. And intensely bay is smelling!
[Button link = “ ? One of the most common reasons for laurel seeds is hemorrhoids.
Seeds for hemorrhoids are usually used as cure application for 10 days.

How to use?
The grains are poured and mixed with honey and consumed up to 1 teaspoon. Or 1-2 seeds are chewed in the mouth or swallowed directly.
Since the grains have some bitter taste, it is widely preferred to consume it by swallowing.
However, instead of swallowing directly, it is thought that their effects may be higher when consumed in the mouth.
[Button Link = “” Color = “Red” Newwindow = “Yes”] It is supported by the studies that 1-2 laurel tree seeds consumed can be effective for Candida mushrooms when drying the intestines and drying the hemorrhoids.
It is thought that the laurel leaf may be effective in intestinal health. For this purpose, laurel leaves can be consumed like herbal tea.
[Button Link = “” “color =” Green “Newwindow =” Yes “] Laurel leaf [/button] However, the effects are more intense when the seed parts of the plant are used.

Laurel seed poisoning contains various rumors, including that laurel seeds will cause poisoning.
However, when scientific articles and case reports published so far are scanned, there is no valid information about the poisoning caused by laurel tree seeds.
Considering this, the seeds and leaves can be assumed to be completely safe for people.
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In olive oil laurel seed soap is possible to benefit from the healing of the seeds of the laurel tree in cases such as mother -of -pearl, mushrooms and eczema.
Defne seeds are antibacterial and antifungal.
The most suitable, practical method for external use is to prefer natural soaps prepared with laurel seed oil.
Laurel leaf also tea made with laurel leaf and rod cinnamon and metabolism It supports the slimming process by accelerating.
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