Bideline grass oil; It is usually prepared from the root parts of the burdock plant. There are also oils prepared from leaf parts. It is also known as Burdock Oil.
This oil is used for hair for both skin. It grows spontaneously wild in many different regions in our country.
Latin name: arctium lappa
Both the flower parts and roots of the burdock, which can be easily distinguished by pink flowers, are also used in an internal.
Flowers are usually consumed by brewing like herbal tea because they are thought to have diuretic and blood cleansing effects. Bideli Oil Oil Oil Prepared from Root Parts; Glycosides, flavonoids, inulin, alkaloids, tannins, rich in essential oils.
It is greatly helpful in fighting mushrooms and bacteria with its rich content.
Dulavrat grass oil can be used external and internally. It has a wide range of benefits.
Let us take a look at the effects of this precious oil on the hair with the first:

What are the benefits of hair for hair? This fat is often preferred for eczema and dandruff, which is a common problem especially in dry hair. Oil, which provides skin relaxation, can reduce the rash of the skin.
It can offer solutions for itching, redness, irritation.
Bideli grass root oil is the most widely preferred causes of hair growth and to promote new hair follicles.
This oil makes a name for itself with accelerating hair growth. The burdock oil achieves this by population in the hair follicles.
It also supports hair loss as well as a fighting effect on hair loss.
Dulavrat grass can also be preferred for regional hair loss. It supports the emergence of new hair instead of shed hair.

Widow avrat grass beautiful avrat grass? Why was it banned? These two plants are two completely different species. Beautiful Avrat grass is a plant with purple -colored fruits from the eggplant family.
This plant has a spinach -like appearance while it has not yet fruit. And often mixed with spinach. The pink roots of spinach are a good indicator for distinguishing these two species.
This poisonous plant, which grows spontaneously from spinach crops, is also referred to as poisonous spinach.
The internal use of CTK is very dangerous and can cause serious poisoning.
Why was the burdock banned? This plant is not a prohibited plant. The root parts of the plant find buyers in the market. GüzelAvrat grass is among the species that are banned. Due to the similarity of the name, these two plants are frequently mixed. However, two plants are different. The prohibited widow is not a avrat grass plant, but a beautifulavrat grass plant and products from it. nler/ You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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