Are you one of those who say I feel tired constantly?
In fact, this problem is so common in society!
About a third of the society, including healthy young adults, adults and older people, says that they feel sleepy or tired in general!
The feeling of constant fatigue that does not pass can be a symptom of a serious disease. However, usually the source of this problem is the disorders in our simple life habits.
Solving these problems is often not even difficult!
Come on, let’s take a look at the possible causes of the feeling of fatigue and how we can cope with this problem.
“I feel unhappy and tired constantly” to consume too many carbohydrates
The source of fatigue and weakness that does not pass can be hidden when you eat.
During the day, it is triggering to feel tired to get more refined carbohydrates to the body.
Refined carbohydrates and sugar cause sudden increase in blood sugar levels and subsequent decrease. This may be the main reason you feel tired.
There are foods that can help you cope with chronic fatigue otherwise carbohydrate.
Okra and okra seeds and acorn and similar fish species are the leading of these foods.
In general, instead of sugar and refined carbohydrate foods during the day, choosing fiber -rich foods such as vegetables and legumes provides support to deal with fatigue.

Constant fatigue causes fatigue? Not to sleep enough
Not to sleep enough night sleep is one of the most prominent causes of fatigue.
After a night that goes on with a quality sleep, we usually get up with renewed, awake and energetic.
A quality night’s sleep requires an average of seven hours of sleep.
Moreover, sleep should be uninterrupted for the brain to pass through all five stages of the sleep cycle.
In addition to sleeping enough sleep, maintaining a regular sleep routine helps to prevent the feeling of fatigue.
In order to improve the amount and quality of sleep, it can be wise to lie every night at the same time, to take time to meditation and similar activities before sleeping and to move as much as possible.

Psychological fatigue: “I have no energy, what should I do?” To live a still life
Inactivity can be the main cause of low energy and exhaustion.
However, most people who feel exhausted complain that they are too tired and sluggish to act and do sports.
However, it should not be forgotten that even the minimum increase in physical activity can help to get rid of the feeling of fatigue.
For example,
Instead of sitting as much as possible, choosing to stand,
Using the stairs instead of the elevator,
Instead of driving for short distances, even walking helps you get rid of negative feelings. nerler/
“I feel very tired spiritually” food allergies
Food intolerance typically causes symptoms such as redness, digestive problems, nasal discharge or headache.
However, fatigue is often a common symptom that is often overlooked.
Gluten, dairy products, eggs, soybean and corn allergies are the most common food allergies that cause fatigue.

Fatigue joint pain… Not getting enough calories
Calorie intake is well below what is necessary, causing a sense of fatigue and exhaustion.
When very few calories are taken into the body, the body slows down metabolism to maintain energy, which causes potentially fatigue.
Most people need at least 1,200 calories per day to prevent metabolic slowing.
This amount
and depends on other vital factors.

“I feel tired constantly, what should I do?” High stress level
It has a deep effect on chronic stress, energy levels and quality of life.
In addition, your original reaction to stress can also affect how tired you feel.
Developing strategies to manage stress can help prevent completely exhausted.
Yoga and meditation can help manage stress.
Tired mood
Energy drink addiction
Popular energy drinks typically
Amino acids
Vitamin B in large doses
And contains various herbal mixtures.
These drinks provide a temporary energy increase especially with high caffeine and sugar content. However, when this short -term effect is eliminated, that is, when the effects of caffeine and sugar pass, it returns with a feeling of fatigue.
Gradually reducing the consumption of these beverages and perhaps terminating can be effective in getting rid of the feeling of chronic fatigue.
If you continue to consume energy drinks, it may be a wise decision to consume these drinks in the period before the afternoon of the day.
In the same way, the consumption of coffee and other caffeine drinks can be a simple but effective method of cope with fatigue to limit it to the hours before the afternoon.
“What should I do my soul tired?” Be thirsty
According to several different scientific studies; Even slightly dehydrated can lead to lower energy levels and a decrease in the ability to concentrate.
How many glasses of water a day should be
and depends on the level of activity.
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