Lizin (Lisin, Lysine, L-Lysine or L-Lizin Hydrochloride) is an essential amino acid.
This amino is used by humans in the form of reinforcement for the amino acid herpes, to reduce stress and to support bone health and are taken to the body by ways of food.
The most common benefits of known benefits include balanceing blood sugar, supporting anxiety and stress control, and providing wound healing without fast and trace.
Lizin is a very important amino acid for the body to function properly, although not much mentioned.
It is included in the production of carnitine in the body and the production of collagen. It is used for many vital functions, including protein synthesis.
However, lysine cannot be produced by our body spontaneously. Therefore, it should be taken into the body by means of food. Another method is the use of L-Lysine in reinforcement form.
L-Lysine is one of the 2 forms of lysine. The other is d-lysin. L-Lysine is the form of reinforcement forms and foods.
The need for daily lysine is considered to be 1 gram per day according to typical nutrition. The quantity varies according to its intended use.
It is not considered safe to take more than 6 grams in reinforcement form.

What are the benefits of l-liz? It uses protein for production and muscle repair in the body. In addition;
Anxiety and stress
Blood sugar control
It is also supported by evidence that it has positive effects for mental disorders.

What are L-Lysine side effects? What are the damages? Lizin supplements are generally considered safe for most people, while side effects are also possible.
The common side effects of lysin supplements are as follows:
Stomach ache
Usually these side effects occur only when lizin is taken only at high doses. nedir/
Excess lysine is considered safe to be taken by food, while overdoses can cause gallstones.
Renal function disorders were reported, including Fanconi syndrome and renal failure due to overdose use.
Kidney patients, liver patients are not recommended to use supplements.

What are the symptoms of Lizin deficiency? Symptoms due to insufficient lysine intake are as follows:
Excessive irritability,
Feeling burnout,
Low concentration,
Hair loss,
Red eyes,

What are the foods containing lysin? Which foods are found in? The best sources of Lizin are animal foods. However, some plant -based proteins also contain this amino acid.
Animal resources
Dairy products
Herbal resources
Wheat seed
Pumpkin seeds
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