If you are curious about the difference of folic acid folate, this article is for you!
Essentially, folic acid and folate are completely different. However, it is widely thought to be exactly the same vitamin. So much so that such confusion is even common among professional professionals.
So what is the difference? Let’s eliminate the confusion.
https://egepazarindan.com/b12-vitamini-nelara-var-xikigi- nler-yol-acar/ Vitamin B9-Folic acid Folate is the natural state of vitamin B9. The most common source of folate is green leafy vegetables.
Folate is also used as the general name of a group of relevant compounds with similar diet.
The active form of vitamin B9 is a type of folate known as levomepholic acid and 5-menetiltetrahidropholate.
In your digestive system, most dietary fores are converted to 5-menentrahydrofolate without being involved in blood circulation.
Folic acid is also a synthetic form of vitamin B9, also known as pteroilmonoglutamic acid.
This form is used in food supplements. In addition, it is widely used in breakfast cereals and corn flakes.
Unlike the folate, the entire folic acid is not converted to 5-MTHF form in the digestive system.
Instead, conversion is provided in the liver and other tissues. However, this process can be slow and inefficient in some people. The body may not be able to metabolize even a small dose of folic acid.
Folic acid, which cannot be metabolized, can bring a wide variety of health problems.
In order to prevent these health problems, various studies can be carried out that the intake of other B group vitamins – especially vitamin B6 – can be effective.

Foods containing vitamin B9 asparagus
Brussels cabbage
Lettuce and similar green leafy vegetables are the best known sources of vitamin B9.

According to an important study conducted in 2015, the effect of folic acid in pregnancy has a significant reduction effect on the risk of congenital heart defects.
Such defects are seen in 8 out of every 1000 births. These defects can be seen on the inner walls of the heart, heart valves and arteries of the heart – veins.
In addition, the same study shows that folic acid supplements during early pregnancy can also help prevent crevice lip and crevice palate complaints.
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