What is Marzipan Chocolate? Making detailed marzipan
Marzipan, in its simplest sense, means almond paste. Usually bitter almonds are used for marzipan.
What is Marzipan? Chocolate with bitter almond paste, marzipan chocolate or cookies with bitter almond paste in it are called Marzipan Cookies.
Marzipan has an important place in some European countries as a celebration food. The bitter almond paste is shaped in the form of various animal figures and colored with the help of food dyes.
In some European kitchens, Marzipan is prepared and sold as chocolate.
In some countries such as Germany, almond paste is simple, square or rounds are served and sold.
Chocolate, caramel or simple bitter almond balls are very tasty snacks. Moreover, the aphrodisiac effect of these almond balls is very high.
Marzipan is a historical and touristic flavor especially in Northern European countries and is of great importance. Even the sugar ratio to be used is limited by the laws of the country. The use of more than 50 %sugar in almond paste is not legal.
In the first quality, this rate decreases up to 30 %.
It is possible to prepare and place in chocolate without using any sugar. In this form, the taste of delicious almonds, which can be called bitter, can be called bitter, becomes dominant.
In order to add bitterness to the pain of Marzip, it is known that it is also prepared in peppers. However, the painful taste of this extreme does not fit the taste of most people.
Marzipan cake also has the use of marzip to decorate cake instead of sugar dough. In this way, intense flavored cakes are obtained, the cost of the age cakes covered with marzipan dough instead of sugar dough is quite high.
It is of course possible to find this European flavor in our country. However, Marzipans, which are ready to be chocolate or simple, often contain dense glucose syrup and a wide variety of protectors. In addition, prices are also high.
But Marzipan is a flavor that we can prepare at home.
In this article we will share an easy marzipan chocolate recipe with you.

Marzipan Chocolate Made Materials
For inner filling
1.5 cups of finely pulled almonds (almond flour)
1 cup powdered sugar (according to your taste, this ratio can be arranged as 1.5 cups)
1 egg whites
For chocolate coating
140 g dark chocolate
Let’s start by preparing the internal filling. Let’s knead our almond flour, powdered sugar and egg whites in a deep container.
As a trick, almond flour should be very, very thin gravity.
If you have difficulty holding your mixture together, you can use a small amount of additional water.
After kneading the mixture beautifully, we can take shape and roll it up and wrap the stress into the film and remove it to the refrigerator.
Your marzipan fill in the refrigerator will be listened to and will harden a little. It is enough to stay in the refrigerator for 30 to 45 minutes.
For chocolate coating, let’s melt our solid chocolate in a bain -marie.
Take our almond paste from the refrigerator and cut it into small pieces and dip it in cold, dipping in hot chocolate and array on an oily recording.
After covering all our paste with chocolate, let’s put our Marzipan chocolates back in the refrigerator to relax.
Marzipan chocolates, who rested for 2 hours in the refrigerator, will be ready to eat!
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