Seitan is a food -based nutrient, also known as wheat meat.
This nutrient is also referred to as “vegan meat, because it resembles white meat with its appearance and flavor.
And for various reasons, it is frequently preferred by people who have removed animal foods from their life or are still in the stage of subtracting.
Seitan is a delicious, easily adapted to various recipes and is an alternative food. Although wheat is based on gluty, it is very different from flour and bread.
It is surprisingly reminiscent of meat with its texture and appearance of the cooked form. What is seitan? Seitan is the “meat” “meat”, which can be inserted into various forms.
Animal food -free sausage, salami, bacon is the basic substance of foods such as.

How to make wheat glutin? To put it in a simple way, Seitan; It is prepared by rinsing the starch in the wheat dough, and only high -protein gluten remains.

How is the seitan taste? The taste is reminiscent of white meat or delicious mushrooms that are not raised rather than red meat.
It does not have a very dominant taste. It is very suitable for sweetening with plenty of spices.
What is preferred in the face of vegetarian products such as Seitan, Tofu or Tempeh is its own plump “meat” texture.

How to make vegan meat? Wheat glutin is a material that must be consumed by cooking.
Various cooking techniques can be applied.
Frying in the pan can be made, blending with plenty of spices and various sauces – such as sauce or curry sauce.
It can be cooked on the grill or in a barbecue. Then, sandwiches can be met with barbecue sauce.

You can adapt almost every recipe you have prepared with the Tofu Seitan Recipes. You can give ways in various forms.

Seitan? Tempeh? Seitan and Tempeh are two vegetarian products with similar uses.
Seitan is based on wheat. Therefore, it contains gluten.
Tempeh is a soybean product. It is a better alternative for those who prefer gluten -free products.

What is vegan meat made from? Vegan meat is usually based on wheat gluten. It is of course possible to prepare vegan meat with pea protein or soy protein. These products are gluten -free alternatives.
However, among all these vegetarian products, the product that has the closest texture and appearance to the meat is Seitan. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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