The pandula or pendulum is a triangular look and hanging on the end of a chain, a precious stone, metal or wood.
The pants are used in various rituals that will increase your awareness and bring you closer to your self.
Which stone should the pandula be? The pants can be made of wood, crystal, precious stone, glass or metal.

Pendulum varieties
Prepared pendulums prepared from clear stones are commonly preferred. Due to its strong spiritual effect, the amethyst pendulums are popular.
The pendulum prepared with roses quartets that stand out with its calming effect is also preferred.
Silver, stainless steel or chrome prepared from panties.
Silver and copper high conductor structures are very ideal for use as pandes. They are pendulum with strong magnetic energies that can create a strong oscillation.
Wooden pendulums are usually prepared by carving handle carefully. However, it is believed that the wood does not keep energy high due to its natural structure.
Wooden pandulas are not preferred as they will be weaker than metal or precious stones.
The choice of pendulum is obviously there is no right or wrong in the selection of pendulum. This is a process that suits you, similar to choosing a valuable stone you want to carry on you.
Before buying a pandula, it is good to touch it and focus on what you make you feel.

What is pendulum? Pendulum; Usually a little more clarity in the flow of life is a tool that is referred to in search of connections.
It is believed that a closer look at something can help to understand it better.
Salta, love, health, career and money are asked about simple or complex questions.

How to use pendulum? The first step to personalize the pendulum is usually cleaning it.

Pendulum cleaning
Sage can be used with a mixture of sage, moon juice or sea salt for cleaning pendulum. your pandule is ready for use that you feel and now you belong to you.
How to keep the pandula? The pendulum is used by holding the chain between the thumb and the index finger.
In this ritual, the hand used as a dominant hand is used.

How does the pendulum move? The pendulum moves by swinging in vertical, horizontal or circular movements.
Before starting to ask questions to the pendulum, it is necessary to determine what the answers to “no” or “yes” resemble.
In other words, the first words to be said to the pendulum will be “Show me yes’ or “Show me no’.
The answers received to the commands, ie the oscillations corresponding to yes and no, will be required for the aftermath to note.
In addition to the yes and no answers, the oscillating from the “neutral ında can also be asked with the pandu.

The questions to be asked with the Pandu can ask all the questions about your life, which is no yes or no.
Start with the questions you know the answer to test whether your pandula is working and to connect with the force.
For example, do I live in Istanbul? ” A simple question like it will be a good start question.

If you are going to consult with the pendulum on a specific topic with the pendulum, it is ideal to ask a large number of different questions on that topic with a PANDU.
Because sometimes your pendant may not want to answer a particular question at that moment. Or it may not be open to answer that question.
In this case, the pandula remains inactive or yes no release outside the release.

As in the meditation sessions, pandula work requires a physical and mental serenity, just like the meditation sessions.
It is necessary to be in a comfortable place during ritual, in a quiet environment and in a comfortable position. The light should not be disturbing. Ambient temperature should be ideal. The smell of the environment with various incentives can be made most ideal.
Taking deep breaths before starting, focusing on the breath can be relaxing.
It is necessary to be in full clarity to the answers of the pendulum. This openness will bring satisfactory answers.
It should not be forgotten that the pendulum is only a tool. We have their own answers for all our life experiences, and like various tools, pendulums are only instrumental in our responses and our own inner world. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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