Boron deficiency is a health problem that has started to be taken into consideration much more recently.
The positive effects of boron mineral on our health are more and more frequently expressed by experts.
Vitamin D, which makes the boron mineral so important, is an important role in the regulation of various hormones, including estrogen, thyroid hormone and insulin in our body.
What are the symptoms of boron deficiency? Studies on the lack of boron continue on plants, animals and humans.
According to plant experiments, the deficiency of boron minerals can cause reproductive problems, growth and developmental disorders.
Studies with animals also support plant experiments.
Boron mineral deficiency in animals;
Low sperm number
Sperm structure defects
Resulting with low egg quality.
In addition, negativity in bone health, bone weakness and abnormal limb development were found to be related to lack of boron.

Clinical studies on boron deficiency in human beings are still carried out by many scientists.
It is clear that Boron, which was once believed to be necessary for human health, has made a vital contribution to many body systems today.
Immune system and heart health benefits,
Increase in magnesium absorption,
Regulation of reproductive system and gender hormone,
It is not recommended to take the pipe food supplement form that contributes to rapid wound healing.
In this way, the boron provided uncontrollable to the body can easily cause overdose at a dangerous level.
The healthiest form of taking the boron into the body will be through simple changes that we will make on our diet.

Effect of Boron on Human Health
Causes Boron Lack?
The most common reason for this is to consume vegetable -based nutrients at a low level.
Another important point is the fact that the vegetable nutrients consumed in the debt of poor soils.
The territory of the countries such as the USA, Japan in the world and therefore herbal nutrients grown in these lands are poor in boron.
The lands of countries such as Russia, Argentina and Peru, especially in our country, are rich in debt.
Which foods are Boron? All animal -based foods are poor in boron.
However, herbal -based nutrients always contain a certain amount of boron.
Green leafy vegetables,
Dry black blood grapes,
Dry white grapes,
Fresh and dry apple,
Peanut and peanut butter is one of the most rich foods in debt.
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