Diets claiming to lose weight due to grapefruit consumption are popular. These diets are based on consuming grapefruit intensively for a certain period of time and drinking the juice of the fruit.
Does this method, also known as “Hollywood diet”, really work with? Does it burn fat? Does scientific studies support this? Come on, let’s examine it closely!
These programs are usually applied for 12 days. And it recommends consuming fruit or juice at every meal.
However, this diet -type cabbage soup diet is not only installed on consuming a type of product. It also includes diversity. It is positive in this respect.
[Button Link = “ rich. It is believed that various fat -burning enzymes contain. In this way, it promises to lose weight up to 10 kilos in a short period of 12 days. How to make a grapefruit diet? These diet programs are designed for 2 or 3 weeks. The duration is considered as 12 days on average.
The content of the diet is very rich in protein and is low in terms of carbohydrate and fat.
The menu of a sample program is similar to:
2 boiled eggs, 2 slices of bacon
Salad, a slice of red meat or chicken
Salad, a slice of meat or chicken
And, of course, half grapefruit accompanying each meal or the same amount of fruit squeezed fresh juice.

Does Grapefruit burn fat? Studies reveal that grapefruit is positively associated with weight loss.
Depending on the consumption of the fruit, there is a study that reveals narrowing in the waist circumference of the participants.
However, the promises of 10 pounds in 12 days are not always realistic and sustainable for each person.

What are the damages? Although Grapefruit is a low calorie, high nutritious value and healthy fruit, this diet may not be reliable for other reasons.
This diet is a low -calorie diet. It may provide weight loss at the beginning, but this process is not always sustainable.
And if low -calorie diets are maintained for a long time, they can cause weakness in bones and muscles. Depending on nutrient deficiency, metabolism can slow down and chronic fatigue may occur.

Should Grapefruit be eaten before eating or after eating? The consumption of this acidic fruit on an empty stomach is not recommended. Consumption on an empty stomach may disturb the stomach. Therefore, it should be consumed on a full stomach or with food.
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