What are the benefits of Aronia? How to use? Aronia is a shrub type that grows in our country, a grained fruit. It is also referred to as Chokeberry.
The flavor of the preferred Aronia, which is also scientifically supported rather than its flavor, is not bad.
ARONYA Fruits; It can be evaluated in tarts, pie. The water can be squeezed while freshly. It can be brewed as tea when dried. Or it can be consumed by eaten fresh or dry without any extra processing.
The data that this fruit, which is frequently mentioned with scientific studies and health benefits, may have cancer -preventive properties are particularly interesting.
The basis of the health benefits of Aronia is related to the high polyphenol value it contains. A study has shown that it contains polyphenols higher than 143 plants compared to Aronia grains.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/aronia-memesi-kurutulmus-100-gr-aronia-fruit-chocoberry/ What? What is it used for? Anti -cancer effect
According to a study on the effects of grapes, Aronia fruit and blueberries essences to prevent the progression of colon cancer, all of these purple fruits have a positive effect on this issue.
However, the fruit of Aronia has the highest effect among all fruits.
Another study has shown that Aronia essence can help reduce cell damage due to breast cancer.
The study concluded that fruit may have protective effects in people with breast cancer.
https://egepazarindan.com/zerdecal-macunu-nasil-yapilir-alin-macun-yapimi/ anti diabetic effect
Research also supports the anti -diabetic effects of Aronia.
In 2015, a study revealed that Aronia helps strengthen the immune system and reduce diabetes inflammation.
Another study has found that Aronia had positive effects in regulating blood sugar levels and fighting obesity.
Positive effect on liver health
Various studies also support that Aronia or Aronia water reduces the severity and symptoms of liver damage and symptoms.
It was also concluded that the fruit has protective effects against liver damage.

Where to Sold Arona Stream? Where is the Aronian fruit sold? You can get dried Aronia from our website in the season and without an additional additive in the shade. It can be consumed as tea by grinding or brewing in grain.
It can be added to salads, desserts, yogurt or consumed directly by eaten. The Aronian fruit is a natural fruit suitable for the consumption of adults and children. It is recommended not to overdo it from consumption.
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