Tepezcohuite is a perennial tree with pink flowers that do not grow in our country.
It is also known as Leather Tree, Golden Jurema, Mimosa Hostilis, Mimosa Tenuiflora, Calumbi and Jurema binho.
Latin name: Mimosa Tenuiflora
Tepezcohuite grows in Central and South America. It is common in Brazil and Mexico.
It is believed that many medical properties of shells and leaves. It is thought that skin aging delays essentially can be used to treat skin wounds and burns.
It is a plant with psychoactive effects as well as skin effects. It is used in shamanic ceremonies. Ayahuasca tea, which is drunk in these ceremonies, is one of the basic plant components. It is known to cause short -term hallucinations.
The sale and use of Ayahuasca tea in our country is prohibited.
What are Tepezcohuite skin benefits? The plant is most known for its ability to improve skin injuries and skin injuries.
It is also believed that he can cure various skin problems such as skin aging, acne and psoriasis. However, scientific studies supporting these claims are insufficient.
Leather tree peel is used to treat many health problems such as cough, bronchitis, vaginal infections, stomach ulcers and pain in traditional medicine. There are no supportive studies of these claims, and the possible side effects are quite high in consumption of the shell and leaf parts of the plant.

What are the Golden Jurema damages? What are the side effects? On the skin, side effects due to tropical use are not common. There are few reported complaints. These complaints are usually shaped as tingling on the skin, burning on the skin and irritation.
On the other hand, the internal consumption of any part of the plant, including seeds, is not recommended. The plant has psychoactive effects.

How to use leather tree? Btiki is usually applied to the skin in a controlled manner in the form of cream and lotion after formulating it, not alone.
Skin washing water is prepared with the powder of the plant. This water is used to wash the wound.
With the increasing popularity of the plant in recent years, companies have started to include it more frequently in the formula of anti -delay creams.
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